fine wine of the month: double pinot grigio

Spring moved fast.  So fast that it’s almost the end of June already, and I have neglected to do a fine (but affordable!) wine of the month for this month…or last month.

So to make it up to you, let’s talk about two wines!
…Two wines, because I missed last month.
…White wine, because it’s officially summer.
…And pinot grigio, because it’s my favorite.

I like pinot grigio because it’s crisp, refreshing, a bit citrusy, and not too sweet, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a summer drink.  Both these bottles are now in regular circulation at our house, along with one other that I’ll feature later on.  (Gotta keep you coming back for more, right?)

The first wine is from Sterling, the same winery I featured in April.  This crisp and delicious bottle goes for around $13, but I found it on sale for about $10.

Sterling pinot grigio
anyone for an afternoon tipple?

The second is from Smoking Loon, a reasonably priced winery I haven’t featured yet but one I’m growing to like very much.  This bottle goes for a cool $10, and is perfectly refreshing on a hot and humid East Coast evening.

Smoking Loon pinot grigio
who needs air conditioning?

So next time you need a light and summery pick-me-up, head to the wine aisle and take home one of these beauties.  You’ll feel cool as a cucumber in no time.



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