i just want to dance: 12 essential albums turn 20

Tonight the hubs and I will be reuniting with three of our favorite people. A million years ago we all met in Gay Paree, where we spent our days working for the man and our nights (and early mornings) in transcendent worship to the gods of the discothèque.

As if a sign from our deities of dance, MixMag just published “Two decades on: 12 albums that will still blow you away,” an homage to a dozen immortal dance records released in the year of Our Lord 1995, a time that will never be forgotten in the vaulted bowels of the disco: each scratch a testimony, every remix a gospel.

I’m not sure where tonight will take us — by the wee hours, very likely here (quelle scandal!)– but as I take my French bath (just kidding) and carefully apply my Pigalle-red lipstick (very serious), I’ll be pumping the dance music, reminiscing about our Duplex nights and looking forward to many early mornings to come, finding my way home with the best of friends.

Jouez et jouissez!


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