layover in istanbul, anyone?

If you’ve ever flown Turkish Airlines (or even looked at flights on Turkish Airlines), you’ll know that every.single.flight. seems to stop through Istanbul.  Which is great if you’re traveling to Istanbul, or from Europe to the Middle East.  But New York to London?  Get ready for a layover about 2,000 miles out of your way, and often about 8 hours long.

That doesn’t seem very convenient (and it isn’t), but Turkish Airlines offers some of the cheapest international flights out there.  So for those who’ve never been to Istanbul (or even for those of us who have), the idea’s always been a bit tempting.

Well, friends, the business geniuses at TourIstanbul have made that endless, faraway layover, just perhaps, worth our while.  TourIstanbul is now offering free tours of Istanbul for anyone who flies through Ataturk Airport on Turkish Airlines and has a layover of more than 6 hours.


They pick you up at the airport, take you to top sites and restaurants, and drop you back off in time for your next flight.

Istanbul Map


I can’t vouch for the quality of the tours, and I’m certainly not being paid to talk about any of this. (I’m not that cool.) But this seems like a pretty fantastic idea for any traveler who’s looking to check a new international destination off their list, or who longs to return to this enchanting, ancient city.

Istanbul Blue Mosque

Bon voyage!


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