a perfect paris evening in 8 easy steps

  1. An hour before sunset, exit the Métro at Pigalle station.
  2. Find the Monop‘ (Monoprix supermarket’s mini-me) on Place Pigalle.
  3. Load up:
    • one+ twist-off bottle of red wine (if you came prepared with a corkscrew…we should be friends)
    • une baguette
    • prosciutto
    • the stinkiest cheese
    • plastic cups, because this is Paris and you aren’t an animal
  4. Climb the steps toward Sacré Coeur, but don’t look behind you until you get to the very top.
  5. Okay…now…look behind you.
  6. qui ne pleure pas, ne voit pas.
  7. Pop into Sacré-Cœur.   It’s free.  They say ‘no photographs,’ but life is short and everyone is doing it.
  8. Walk back out and sit on the steps with your picnic.  Enjoy some of the best free music in Paris, with the entire city as your scenic backdrop. Sip your wine, eat your stinky cheese, enjoy (and join in!) the locals’ conversations, and savor la belle vie as the sun sets over the City of Light.

Sacre Coeur


Repeat, early and often.


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