fine wine of the month: sterling syrah

April is almost over.  How did that happen?

Before we run out of time, let’s talk about wine.  This month’s delicious, affordable wine is a syrah from Sterling Vineyards.

Sterling Syrah

I love syrah.  It’s bold, but balanced.  It’s versatile without being boring.  (Sometimes, secretly, I think it might be the perfect cheap wine.  Don’t tell.)

I also love Sterling Vineyards.  Next time you’re in California’s Sonoma Valley, hop on a gondola and take a tour.  It’s not the cheapest winery in the area, but the views from the top are spectacular.

Sterling gondola


Sterling Vineyards

When it comes to this type of wine, we don’t discriminate.  We sip shiraz (from Australia) or syrah (from the U.S., or France if you’re feeling fancy) at least once a week.  I’ll definitely be featuring more syrahs in the future.  But for only about $10 a bottle, Sterling is a great place to start.

Stay tuned in May for a sure sign that spring is here: a white wine of the month!

Happy sipping!

Sterling Vineyards view

fine wine of the month: rex goliath cab

If there’s one thing that can soothe my soul after a long day of work, it’s a warm, fuzzy glass (or two) of red wine.  But my husband and I work five days a week, so that glass or two (times two) can really add up.  So we’re always on the lookout for a good wine that won’t break the bank.  And now, dear friends, I shall pass on the results of this tireless research to you.

This month’s big red is Rex Goliath Cabernet Sauvignon.  This wine came recommended by some friends of ours, and it does not disappoint.  In fact, it won first prize at a recent blind wine tasting party.  At around $8 per bottle (or two for $10 at your local Harris Teeter!), you really can’t ask for more than that.

Rex Goliath
The Rex Goliath website describes this cab as one of their “bold” wines, and for a cheap wine they aren’t wrong.  It doesn’t have as much oomph as a more expensive cab, but that actually makes it more versatile.  We’ve sipped this alongside the typically prescribed beef or brie, but it would pair just fine with whatever you’re making for dinner.  (Mac ‘n’ cheese, anyone?)

If you’re hesitant, it’s even sold in a 500mL carton.  But at about $2 a glass, we think the full bottle is worth a fair try.  (Plus, like, antioxidants.  You know?)

Happy sipping!

disclaimer: Rex Goliath did not ask me to review their product and I am not receiving compensation for this review in any way.  We just really love wine. Enjoy!